First, our participants will learn more about, and experience larping. They will experience and reflect on the potential of larps in the design process, to better understand a design context and develop empathy towards target users; and to further develop design concepts and prototypes.

In addition, they will learn more about key larp design tools, as well as available micro-larp scenarios. They will also be able to “take home” the micro-larp scenarios experienced in the workshop. This can help them create their own scenarios to advance their design research projects.

This workshop will also serve to test and further develop design concepts and prototypes (during the test-bed session) brought by either the workshop participants or the organizers.

This workshop will allow the organizers to expose and test a series of micro-larp scenarios and techniques selected and iterated to sensitize designers to unfamiliar situations and users’ perspectives, and to experience design concepts and prototypes.

Last, this workshop will result in a better understanding of both organizers and participants of the potential usefulness of larping as an embodied design method to better understand a design space and users, and to develop and test technology designs. This will materialize in a joint article extending current embodied design methods.